ATEC towards the Paris 2024 Olympics with Simone Fragoso

Challenged by Paralympic athlete Simone Fragoso, ATEC trainers and students developed the weight that will accompany her participation in the Paris 2024 Olympics. The process took about a month and involved the areas of Programming and CNC Machining and Welding at the Academy.

Athlete Simone Fragoso came to ATEC with a special request: to find a weight suitable for her hand size that complied with the rules of the Paralympic Shot Put event.

The Training Academy accepted the challenge. In his CNC and Welding workshops, he designed and produced a steel weight with a lead core. In addition to the Industrial Mechanics training team, the Mechatronics Technology and Machining and CNC Programming classes participated in the project and execution.

In the words of João Carlos Costa, general manager,this project represents, above all, a strong approach to the community and a commitment to the civic education of our young people. The challenge posed by Simone made it possible to work on the technical skills of the groups involved, but also to instill in young people the values of social responsibility and mutual help”.

ATEC is now rooting for the success of Simone Fragoso, who has already reacted with a thank you video.

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