Athletics championships remain scheduled for August 15

Guimarães, Lisbon, Madeira and the Azores will host the event adapted to the program of retaking the competition of the athletics federation, which chose to hold all nationals in a single day, in two days, and on several tracks simultaneously.

The qualifications for club nationals, which this year are limited to the 1st and 2nd divisions, take place on July 25 in Guimarães, Leiria, Lisbon, Madeira, and Azores.

The under-18 nationals will take place on August 1 and the under-20 nationals a day later: both will take place in Maia, Ramalde (Porto), Leiria, Lisbon, Madeira, and Azores.

Finally, the Portuguese Championships will take place on August 8 in Braga, Lisbon, Madeira, and Azores.

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