Atlantis Concert for Earth

22nd and 23rd of July, Sete Cidades, Azores

Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, Mod Sun, Girlfriends, and other artists will headline the first Atlantis Concert for Earth, a non-profit festival for global nature conservation, on July 22nd and 23rd, 2022, in partnership with and in the Azores (Island of São Miguel). Nicole Scherzinger, in addition to presenting the event, will also perform a special performance… and no less is expected from Sting’s virtual performance!

The location chosen for the Atlantis Concert for Earth, in Sete Cidades, Azores, is a natural amphitheater, located along two lakes inside an old volcano crater. With breathtaking 360º views, the Atlantis Concert for Earth is the only festival dedicated to planet Earth, with a visually stunning location, in an ecologically rich and pristine setting.

All carbon emissions resulting from the Atlantis Concert for Earth will be calculated, reduced and, where possible, removed with the support of A Greener Festival, a non-profit company committed to helping events, festivals, and venues around the world become more sustainable and reduce environmental impacts.

In addition to live and virtual performances by several iconic artists, the Atlantis Concert for Earth will showcase the incredible work carried out by leading conservation organizations around the worldthe true Rockstars for Earth: Blue Azores; The Ocean Cleanup; innerspace; Juccce; The White Feather Foundation (founded by Concert for Earth Ambassador Julian Lennon); Grounded; Earth Uprising (founded by Concert for Earth Ambassador Alexandria Villaseñor); Earth Percent and many more. The purpose of the Atlantis Concert for Earth is to inspire people to take action and become Rockstars for Earth.

The Atlantis Concert for Earth was created by Atlantis Entertainment, a television and film production company and record label founded by some of the most successful names in today’s music, film, television and technology industries who share a passion for nature conservation. . The event was conceived by the CEO and co-founder of Atlantis Entertainment, Nuno Bettencourt, multi-platinum artist, songwriter and producer, born in the Azores, and nominated for the Grammys (known for his work with Extreme, Rihanna, Robert Palmer, Perry Ferrel, and Janet Jackson), along with co-founders Rene M. Rigal, an award-winning television and film producer, and Steven Schuurman, a high-tech entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Working for over a decade on the realization of the Atlantis Concert For Earth, for Nuno Bettencourt, It doesn’t matter who you voted for, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat, black, white, Hispanic, rich, or poor. Because whatever we are, whether we like it or not, we share the same air, the same water, and the same soil. We’ve all heard about the climate urgency, but fear is not the answer. Instead, together during the Atlantis Concert for Earth, through the power of music, let’s celebrate conservationists and entrepreneurs around the world who are trying to change the game, leading the way with real, tangible solutions to change today’s blame narrative. , anger and doom into a narrative of positivity and hope, shedding light on inspiring SOLUTIONS that bring us back into balance with our planet. It’s time to stop saying how we’re going to die, but rather how we’re going to live!

On the 23rd, some performances will be broadcast live, worldwide, free of charge via Veeps. Embracing the inclusive mission of the Atlantis Concert for Earth to raise awareness, educate and inspire action, there will be a “Click to Donate” option during the broadcast. All viewer donations will directly support the inspiring work of the festival’s conservation partners.

The two-day pass costs €25 and can be purchased at this link (sales limited to space capacity).

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