Athletes from Sintra will be in the European Cup of Figure Skating

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The Portuguese Skating Federation summoned 16 athletes from Sintra clubs to represent Portugal in the European Cup of Artistic Skating, which takes place in Paredes, between October 31st and November 6th.

The European figure skating championship has the participation of 200 athletes from 12 countries, and Portugal will be represented by a range of athletes participating by the Humanitarian Association Firefighters Volunteers of Almoçageme, Grupo Desportivo Almargense, Grupo Desportivo e Recreativo “Os Lobinhos” and Sociedade Recreativa de Santa Susana e Pobral, in the specialities of Free Skating and Solo Dance.

Free Skating is performed with individually choreographed music and is characterized by jumps, spins and steps performed freely, creatively and with great spectacularity due to the speed of the skater, height of jumps, number of spins on the spinning top, originality, difficulty and security in the connection steps. Solo Dance is an aspect of artistic skating that forces the skater to perform specific rhythms such as Waltz, Tango, Blues, Polka, Samba, Jive.

Athletes summoned in the Free Skating Specialty:


– Matilde Leonor Freixeiro Paixão Neves Antunes (Almargense Sports Group)


– Rita Lourenço Valadas Mega Azinheira (Sports and Recreation Group “Os Lobinhos”)

– Rita Custódio Afonso (Sports and Recreation Group “Os Lobinhos”)


– Leonor Seguro Vieira (Sports and Recreation Group “Os Lobinhos”)

– André Rodrigues Roxo (Sports and Recreation Group “Os Lobinhos”)

– Carolina Rodrigues Pereira (Almargense Sports Group)


– Iris da Conceição Almeida Costa (Grupo Desportivo Almargense)

– Eduardo Alexandre Leite de Noronha Pimentel Real (Almargense Sports Group)

– Joana Meireles Silva (Sports and Recreation Group “Os Lobinhos”)

Athletes summoned in the Solo Dance Specialty:


– Beatriz Lima Jacinto (Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters of Almoçageme)

– Diana Seguro Vieira (Sports and Recreation Group “Os Lobinhos”)

– Afonso de Oliveira Gomes Pinto Dias (Humanitarian Association of Firemen Volunteers of Almoçageme)


– Ana Sofia Jacob Moreira and Lopes Teixeira (Sports and Recreation Group “Os Lobinhos”)


– Maria Rita Carvalho Fernandes Pinheiro Silvestre (Santa Susana e Pobral Recreational Society)


– Beatriz Ribeiro Peneda (Humanitarian Association of Firemen Volunteers of Almoçageme)

– Barbara Lourenço Faneco (Santa Susana e Pobral Recreational Society)

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