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Audi participates in the Dakar 2022 with electric car

The German brand announced this week that it will abandon the Formula E world championship, but will not leave the car competitions and announced that in the 2022 edition of the Dakar Rally it will be present with a fully electric model.

Along with other giants in the car market, Audi has been investing heavily in the field of motorsports with the use of electric vehicles. Its presence in Formula E is important and reinforces the adoption of this technology.

In the continuation of this participation, Audi has now announced a change in its sports bet. The German brand expects to be at the starting line of the 2022 Dakar with a new proposal. It will develop a new electrical prototype for this purpose.

The brand wants to test its proposals in the most extreme conditions and finds in the Dakar rally they provide us with a perfect testing laboratory. The electric prototype will be powered by a high voltage battery and can be charged while driving.

As far as Formula E is concerned, Audi announced its exit from this competition as early as the end of 2021. Thus, it will focus on this new area now announced and from where it hopes to get much more information to apply to its production cars.

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