Aurélio Furdela wins literary prize INCM / Eugénio Lisboa in Mozambique

Aurélio Furdela won the second edition of the Literary Press National Casa da Moeda (INCM) / Eugénio Lisboa, today announced the Camões – Institute of Cooperation and Language in Maputo.

The prize, which aims to encourage Mozambican literary creation, includes the edition of the winning work, as well as the allocation of a monetary value of five thousand euros to the winner.

The jury was formed by the Mozambican writer Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa, in his capacity as president, by Teresa Manjate and Paula Mendes.

The attribution of the prize to the work “Saga d’Ouro” is due, according to the jury, to the carefully cared linguistic level and to manifest a dominion over the techniques of the narrative.

In turn, the attribution of the honourable mention to ‘Stained Dreams, Live Dreams’ is due to the thematic creativity of the work.

The prize was awarded for 15 texts, of which 13 were delivered in Maputo and two in the provinces.

Born in 1930 in Mozambique, Eugénio Lisboa is an essayist and literary critic, author of prose and poetry, a specialist in the work of José Régio, and former president of the UNESCO National Commission.

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