Ausonia and Tampax Launch New Cotton Protection Range 100% Organic Cotton

Ausonia and Tampax have launched a new in-depth range for 88% ** of women looking to use environmentally responsible products and organic materials.

The upper layer of Ausonia and the Tampax core in the new Cotton Protection range consist of 100% organic cotton. The benefit of this new range is the combination of materials, such as sustainable cotton, with the effectiveness and absorption characteristic of Ausonia and Tampax products.

New range designed for women and the environment

The cotton used in the new Cotton Protection range is grown with an organic fertilizer to protect it from insects and weeds and is watered from a sustainable source. Cotton is cleaned by a chlorine-free process that uses no chemicals that have not been approved by organic standards. In addition, the tampon applicator is made of 90% bioplastic and Tampax and Ausonia cartons are made of 100% recycled carton. These packages carry the FSC label, which ensures that wood production complies with procedures that ensure sustainable forest management. Ausonia plastic packaging is made with 70% bioplastic.

This innovation demonstrates Ausonia and Tampax’s constant efforts to deliver products that meet women’s expectations and needs without compromising their quality and performance.

To accompany the launch, Tampax also features a pilot traceability system developed with blockchain technology. “This is a big step that gives women the opportunity to discover the history of Tampax Cotton Protection,

from their harvest to the manufacture of tampons, something absolutely pioneering in this category of products ”says Margarida Cabral das Neves, Marketing Manager of Ausonia and Tampax in Portugal.

Given that 82% ** of women demand more transparency about the composition of their feminine care products, now, thanks to blockchain technology, women will be able to register their Tampax Cotton Protection lot number to find out the detailed history of organic cotton from its origin where it was grown to how it was made into the tampon we know.

All information on the origin and processing of organic cotton used in Tampax’s Cotton Protection range is stored on a platform which can be accessed by reading the packaging QR code.

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