Automotive production in Portugal grows 87.3% through September

Automobile production in Portugal increased 87.3% in the first nine months of this year to 219,792 units, compared to the same period of last year, the Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP) said today.

This number confirms “the importance that exports represent for the automotive sector since 97.1% of vehicles manufactured in Portugal are destined for the foreign market,” said ACAP in a statement.

Until September, exports increased by 111% year-on-year, which also shows the “significant contribution” to the Portuguese trade balance.

In September, 30,248 light and heavy vehicles were produced in Portugal, up 101.5% on the same month of the previous year.

“In September, there was a strong increase in production, well above the annual average, thus recovering the fall observed in the previous month,” the statement added.

By vehicle type, the highest growth was observed in passenger cars (up 122.1% to 23,297 units), followed by light commercial vehicles (up 68.3% to 6,547 units).

Meanwhile, heavy vehicle production fell sharply, as it had in previous months, with a 36.7% drop to 404 units.

In the accumulated amount, up to September, passenger cars produced increased 118% to 175,554 units, light commercial vehicles rose 28.1% to 40,416 units and heavy vehicles fell 27% to 3,822 units.

Europe continues to be the leading market for domestically manufactured vehicles (90.2%), with Germany (21.4%), France (14.6%), Italy (11.9%) and Spain (10.1%) at the top of the ranking.

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