Autumn Live in the Azores with Ruy de Carvalho and Daniel Sampaio, and not only

The 13th edition of the Autumn Live Festival brings together, in Praia da Vitória, in the Azores, Ruy de Carvalho, Rodrigues Guedes de Carvalho and Daniel Sampaio, among other authors, from October 26th and November 11th.

“We believe that it is precisely here, through the literary festival and culture, the theater and all artistic expressions, that the Autumn Live can be differentiated, having as a pillar naturally always the book fair,” said the Mayor of Lisbon of Praia da Vitória, Tiberius Dinis, at the press conference presenting the festival program.

For 17 days, in addition to a book fair with around 20 thousand titles, the Autumn Live Festival includes book presentations, musical shows, plays, cinema and conferences.

According to the mayor, the Autumn Live has already consolidated as “the largest book fair in the Azores,” and is “at the level of the best book fairs in the country,” but now wants to affirm itself as a cultural event capable of attracting tourists to the island Third in low season.

“We believe that Autumn Live can and should evolve to be a tourist attraction as well. We are still far from Autumn Live ‘per se’ to be a tourist attraction for the low season, but we believe that consolidating the literary festival component, with names of writers, actors and quality plays, we will have a living autumn in the future that, per se, is able to attract visitors to the region, “he said.

With a budget of 25 thousand euros, the autarchy wants to strengthen the credibility of the festival with the publishing groups and authors to attract audiences from outside the island, but according to Tiberius Dinis, work has already been done.

“Six years ago, we walked behind the publishers, we asked for a writer of any reference and a name for Living Autumn, because the presence of national writers in the autumn was almost non-existent. After a few years, the difficulty is of the fan which is offered by the publishers, choose and select according to the schedule, “he said.

This year, Vivo Vivo has “about 50 thousand books and an average of 20 thousand titles” from 30 editorial groups.

“The book fair, following previous years, continues to be an event in which we have had a lot of support from all the publishers.We had space to introduce more publishers, who increasingly know our event and are keen to come here” , said Carlos Lima of Papelaria 96, which organizes the fair, in collaboration with the local authority.

Only Terceira Island schools have 2,500 visitors, but Tiberius Dinis estimates that they spend every year in the Living Fall between “20,000 to 25,000 people.”

Among the authors that this year present books at the Academy of Youth and Arts of Terceira Island, in Praia da Vitória, are Ruy de Carvalho, Maria João Fialho Gouveia, Raúl Minh’Alma, Margarida Fonseca Santos, Carla Lopes Gomes, Marco Ana Eduarda Rosa, and the author of environmental education manuals, Fernanda Botelho.

The third-party writer Joel Neto has again organized a round table that this year has the participation of writers Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho,.

The program also includes conferences on various themes related to the history and culture of Terceira Island and a meeting with the psychiatrist and writer Daniel Sampaio.

There is also music, theater and cinema this autumn with the show “Trovas & Canções – Actors, Poets and Singers”, with Ruy de Carvalho, Silvestre Fonseca’s concert “Outonalidades da Guitarra”, the play “A visita” , by Pedro Giestas, and the exhibition of the Portuguese film “Al Berto”, by Vicente Alves do Ó, about the poet “Horto de Fuego”, among other events.

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