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Avanca Gare um festival de bandas de garagem

Avanca, Aveiro

The second edition of Avanca Gare took place in Avanca in Aveiro, a mini festival of garage bands, full of talent, youth, good spirits, and a lot of ROCK.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Avanca Gare, a festival that aims to take emerging bands out of the garage, give them a stage, and let them fly to the sounds of rock and punk, on a stage where they can show all their talent, sometimes inexperience, but also all its madness and originality, which makes rock so genuine and still alive and in Avanca, it’s booming.

Alice > 2023.08.26 < Avanca Gare ©Luís Serrão -ineews

This was the second edition, organized by volunteers, some members of bands who count on their friends to help them, last year the festival had two concerts Alice, Country Punk de Lisboa and Cerial Quiller, a Rock Band from Avanca, this edition brought together Divã, a Punk Band from Amadora, Marquise, a Rock Band that came from Porto, Nódoa Negra, Punk Band from Lisbon and Sadhäna, another Rock Band that came from Porto.

Sadhäna > 2023.08.26 < Avanca Gare ©Luís Serrão -ineews

The organizers show fantastic energy, in a space that, although small, has everything that other festivals have, from good food and fresh drinks to several spaces to sit, dance or sing with the bands until your legs and voice hurt, we are I’m sure that next year it will be even better, congratulations Avanca Gare.

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