Aveiro will test the integration of the offer of the means of transport in an app

Transdev Portugal, CEiiA and Aveiro City Council will develop, with a view to their implementation, a pilot project to test the Maas solution (mobility as a service), an application that will integrate the offer of the various means of transport in the municipality of Aveiro. Aveiro – buses, trains, taxis and bicycles – and also foresees the respective tariff integration.

The project was announced by Ribau Esteves, Mayor of Aveiro, during the #PACE seminar, organized by Transdev Portugal in Aveiro, where a demonstration of the Maas application was carried out in a small outdoor circuit that allowed us to understand how parking works, reservation of bicycle or the purchase of trips in electric bus.

“We are going to move forward with the pilot project to test this innovative mobility solution in Aveiro in 2019. We advocate a personalized mobility, able to combine collective transportation with on-demand transportation solutions, to better respond to the needs and comfort of each passenger. With MaaS, we expect to fully exploit the complementarity of the various modes of transport, “said Pierre Jaffard, CEO of Transdev Portugal and Spain.

Both Transdev and Ceiia have experience in the development of MaaS solutions, already having implemented applications, and will now join the technologies that both developed to produce a solution for this project in Aveiro.

“With MaaS, aveirenses will be able to plan their mobility needs, access real-time mobility information, book and pay for parking or use charging points, rent a shared bike or take the local bus or train through a single subscription, “explained André Dias, Head of Intelligent Systems Unit at CEiiA.

“With the right articulation with other projects that we are developing, namely ‘Aveiro STEAM City’ and ‘Card4all’, we are working with Transdev and CEiiA to offer mobility management solutions for citizens, easy and with the gradual integration of all modes of transport, in a logic that adds to the quality service offering a management platform that integrates the various modes and allows simple use and integration of operations and also payment. bet and invest in the introduction in electric mode and the promotion of soft modes of mobility, “said José Ribau Esteves, Mayor of Aveiro.

At the #PACE seminar, a space for reflection on the new mobility trends, Transdev brought together national and international experts from the area, with the aim of demonstrating to Portuguese municipalities the advantages of the most advanced mobility solutions available in more than 20 countries in which the Transdev Group is present and where a universe of 83 thousand employees operates and develops 13 modes of transport, more than 100 urban networks, 50 interurban networks and 22 light rail networks.

With regard to the future of mobility, the Transdev Group advocates a strategy that is classified as PACE – Personal, Autonomous, Connected and Electric. Thus, in the #PACE seminar, in addition to the presentation of the MaaS technology solution, the Transdev projects in the area of ​​autonomous and electric mobility were also presented.

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