Aveiro is a charming city that is famed for its canals, Nouveau architecture and colourful Moliceiros boats. The city has experienced both an illustrious and devastating past, inflicted with unimaginable hardship and flooded by immense wealth.

Today, Aveiro embraces its history and deep-rooted heritage, to create a fascinating destination for tourists.

Aveiro is often boasted by tourist literature as being the Venice of Portugal, and this is partly true, having three canals and brightly painting boats that ply the waterways.

More accurately Aveiro should be described as an authentic and characterful Portuguese city; there’s flamboyant Art Nouveau architecture, a quaint fishermen’s district and grand religious buildings.

Aveiro is often visited as a day trip from Porto, as it is easy to travel to and offers a range of unique sights and activities.

For visitors who wish to spend longer in Aveiro, there is an outstanding selection of restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and the beautiful beaches of Costa Nova are only a short bus ride away.

There is a lot to love about Aveiro, and it certainly should be visited during any longer stay within the Porto region.

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