Award-winning Portuguese nurse in the UK

Portugal’s Sílvia Alves was awarded the Great British Care Awards in the category of best nurse for innovation, creativity and attention at work, the organizers announced Saturday.

Silvia represents the best of nursing in a home environment. She is innovative, creative, passionate and does everything for the residents, families, and her team. promote high-quality nursing within their team and is a prime example, “Care England said.

National awards were awarded at a ceremony on Friday with more than a thousand nursing and health care professionals in Birmingham who had been winners in their respective regions.

Sílvia Nunes, 33, from Vila do Conte, came to the United Kingdom in 2014 to look for work in her area because she could not find a job as a nurse in Portugal.

In spite of the initial difficulties with the English language, at the end of about a year, the clinical director was promoted and in September of 2016 the assistant director of the home Ford Place, specialized in palliative care.

Last year he was a non-winning finalist for the second consecutive year of the National Care Awards, also from the UK.

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