Awareness premieres this Wednesday on Prime Video

Prime Video premieres this Wednesday, October 11th, Awareness, one of the platform’s biggest science fiction bets. The original film will be available in more than 240 countries and territories as part of a Prime subscription.

In Awareness, the public will meet Ian (Scholz), a rebellious teenager who lives with his father (Alonso) on the margins of society. The two survive on small schemes thanks to Ian’s extraordinary ability to project visual illusions onto unexpected victims. However, things get complicated when he loses control of his powers in public and two opposing groups begin to persecute him. While on the run, Ian has to decide which side of the war he finds himself in to fight on.

The film is directed by Daniel Benmayor (Xtremo, Tracers, Bruc: The Legend) and stars Carlos Scholz (Toy Boy, Feria: La luz más oscura), Pedro Alonso (The House of Paper, The Ministry of Time), María Pedraza (Toy Boy, Élite), Óscar Jaenada (Operação Tide Negra, Hernán) and Lela Loren (American Gods, Altered Carbon).

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