Axians obtém Advanced Specialization de Calling for Microsoft Teams

At a time when thousands of companies around the world have changed their way of working and have had to adapt to new remote collaboration tools, Axians is one of the first Microsoft partners, in Portugal, to obtain Advanced Specialization of Calling for Microsoft Teams. This certification enriches the supply of solutions and services that Axians Portugal provides to its customers.

This is an advanced Microsoft specialization that recognizes partners who demonstrate an exceptional level of competence in a specific area. In this case, Calling for Microsoft Teams is a feature that allows you to make and receive calls from Microsoft Teams to any landline or mobile phone number.

Abel Aguiar, Executive Director for Channel and Partners, Microsoft Portugal says that “The last two years have significantly changed the way we look at remote work and the workplace, not only as companies but also as employees. To respond to the new needs of organizations and professionals, Microsoft offers the integration of voice calls, as well as a telephone exchange and conference functionality in Microsoft Teams, offering its partners certification programs that allow them to differentiate themselves in the market. Axians’ advanced Teams Calling specialization recognizes not only technical competence but also the success achieved in the market in the delivery and management of voice solutions in Teams Phone System, highlighting Axians is a critical area for organizations in Portugal.

With the Axians integrated offer, companies now have a modern telephone exchange, maintaining their current communications contract, without having to invest in new equipment. In this way, Axians enables companies to extend their office anywhere, making any business mobile, flexible and always available.

Microsoft Teams was massively adopted by Portuguese companies to enable remote work, as the privileged tool for internal collaboration communication. The natural next step for these companies is to extend the capabilities of Teams to their employees, in order to communicate to the fixed and mobile network, from anywhere via any device, becoming the preferred tool for all communications, including those with customers and partners“, stresses Nuno Bonifácio, Business Development Manager at Axians Portugal.

With this certification, Axians solidifies its leadership in offering unified communications, based on Microsoft Teams. In addition to technical implementation and change management consulting and adoption services, whose excellence is now recognized, Axians thus reinforces its own integration services with PSTN hosted in its own cloud or Azure, which it previously provided.

And Nuno Bonifácio emphasizes that “traditionally, the company was the only space where employees could go to work. That’s where the necessary resources were. But the physical office culture has changed. The podium is now shared with the home office or coworking spaces. The workplace at the office will continue to be important as there are advantages to bringing people together in one place. However, it will not have the same shape, as the context has changed and digital tools offer new opportunities”.

Unified communication is an integral part of Axians’ “Future Workstyle” offering, which supports companies in the newly accelerated digital work transformation movement, maximizing business benefits while protecting and improving employees’ well-being and productivity.

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