Azores: First of 16 volumes of the work of Vitorino Nemésio almost to arrive

The first book of the complete works of writer Vitorino Nemésio, in 16 volumes, called Poesia (1935-1940), will be launched in the Azorean market next week, said Carlos Alberto Machado.

an initiative of the publishing company Companhia das Ilhas, in partnership with the National Press-House of the Currency, the volume that gathers the first poetic production of the writer of Azorean origin is divided into two parts: Poesia (1916-1930) and Poesia (1935-1940 ).

Vitorino Nemésio, whose literary work includes, among others, the title ‘Mau Tempo no Canal’, considered by literary criticism as one of the greatest Portuguese novels of the 20th century, born on December 19, 1901, in Praia da Vitória on Terceira Island, and died in Lisbon on November 20, 1978.

Luís Fagundes Duarte, editorial and scientific coordinator of the work, states in a note from the publisher that in the first part are the poems previous to ‘La Velleelle promise’, that is, those that appeared in an autonomous edition, to which the author conferred a statute book along with a set of poems.

In this last chapter, in the chronological order of the publication, “Canto Matinal (1916)”, “The Speech of the Four Flowers (1920)”, “Nave Etérea (1922)” and “Sonetos to Release a State of the Lower Spirit 1930).

Following are the poems published in newspapers and magazines that could be found, under the generic name of “Dispersed Poems”, they also aligned according to the chronological order of publication.

The work also contemplates a poem of 1922, unpublished until 1979 (“Versos Qu’o Father That Was for Work Made to His Daughter”).

In the second part of the work now published, and as the author put it in Poesia (1935-1940) – La voyelle promise (1935), The Harmonious Criterion (1938) and Eu, Moved to the West (1940) ) ‘.

“In addition, and in its natural place, the reader will find the best reflection ever made on the poetry of Vitorino Nemésio: his own, in the text ‘Preface: From Poetry’, says Luiz Fagundes Duarte, professor at the University New from Lisbon.

Considered one of the great Portuguese writers of the 20th century, Nemésio received the National Prize for Literature in 1965 and in 1974 the Montaigne Prize.

His work includes about 40 titles in the area of ??fiction, poetry, essay and criticism, along with the chronicle, such as’ Festa Redonda ‘(1950),’ Not All Night Life ‘(1952),’ O Pão e a (1966), ‘Canto da Vespera’ (1966) and ‘Sapateia Açoriana’ (1976), as well as ‘Bad Weather in the Canal’ (1955), ‘O Verbo e a Morte’ (1944).

Vitorino Nemésio is credited with creating the term ‘azorianity’ in an article on the historical, geographical, social and human condition of the Azorean, published in 1932.

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