Azores receive NASA’s first international competition

The city of Lagoa, on the island of São Miguel, will host, for the first time in the Azores, the International Space Apps Challenge competition, promoted by NASA from October 19 to 21, was announced today.

The NASA Space Apps Challenge is an international competition that brings together thousands of teams around the world who in 48 hours must be able to solve challenges posed by scientists and engineers of the US Space Agency.

The competition is developed in ‘hackathon’ format, that is, “marathons of technology development that are based on the initiative of intelligent and talented volunteers – such as software developers, engineers, designers, scientists, or even, curious with passion and desire of have an immediate impact on the world, “said the statement sent today by the United States Embassy in Portugal.

For this first edition held in the archipelago, which will take place in the São Miguel Science and Technology Park, registrations are free and can be made on the 2018 Space Apps Challenge website, but are limited to 50 participants, who will be grouped in teams of three to five elements.

“The two winning Teams of the Azores Space Apps Challenge will participate in the global competition where they will be chosen the best solutions worldwide for each of the challenges,” the statement said.

This initiative, which now reaches São Miguel, already has 187 events, which involved “more than 25,000 participants in all continents.”

The event, hosted by the United States Consulate and the Nonagon Association, has the partnership of the University of the Azores, the School of New Technologies of the Azores, the Society for the Business Development of the Azores and PROBOT – Associação de Programação e Robotics of the Azores.

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