B the travel brand Xperience promotes the 1st Travel Talk “This is the year to go to Madeira”

The travel shop B the travel brand Xperience, recently opened in the heart of Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, yesterday debuted its agenda of events with the 1st Travel Talk dedicated to Madeira.

On the motto “This is the year to go to Madeira”, Travel Talk was presented by Duarte Afonso, from the Madeira Promotion Association, and had as main objective the dissemination of this destination beyond the usual itineraries, already known by the Portuguese.

This Talk, for an audience of around 40 participants, revealed a more adventurous Madeira, but with activities aimed at all types of travelers. From Asa Delta and Parapente, all-terrain bike, climbing, geocaching, diving, sport fishing, surfing, paddle among many others, also mentioned the various festivals that happen in this destination throughout the year. Duarte Afonso noted that this island of the Atlantic has numerous strands to be explored, a few hours away from the continent.


At the end of the presentation was served the famous Poncha da Madeira, cakes and honey buns, as well as the well-known fennel sweets. Being the Flower Festival some of the best known in the region, this Talk also had the presence of extras with the traditional costumes of this event.


Madeira has started the calendar of events that will take place in this space throughout the year. At Xperience, anyone will be able to travel through the art, photography, sound, gastronomy or culture of places or countries. For participation in these events, the public only has to register in advance, at no cost associated with it.

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