Badoxa presents “Retrato”

Badoxa edits the third album “Retrato” on digital platforms today.

Retrato” is an album where we can find, in addition to the artist’s unavoidable sound, a diversity of different styles and rhythms, as Badoxa himself tells us “most of this album was made in the middle of the pandemic, at a time when nobody knew much well what was waiting for us, I closed myself in the studio and made new songs every day, and before I knew it I had about 30 songs produced and written”.

The artist even tells us that “in this album, I try to convey the day-to-day stories that we all go through, I try to convey my joy in living, the joy in living is in feeling gratitude for all the moments in life, even the bad ones I always try to convey a positive message in my songs, it’s an album where I convey persistence, faith, courage, joy, gratitude and serenity”.

“Retrato” follows the albums “Minhas Raízes” (2014) and “Memories” (2016) respectively, where songs such as “Controla”, “Mulher Perfeita”, “Tá-me Esperare”, “Me Toca”, ” I Don’t Dance With You” among others.

Portrait” by Badoxa is now available on digital platforms, and distributed by OneRPM.

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