Baixa de Coimbra hosts concerts of emerging city projects

The Baixa de Coimbra hosts small free concerts of emerging projects of the city, which will play on Saturday and on the 22nd in commercial spaces unoccupied in the historic center, said the organization of the event today.

The cycle of small concerts counts on the participation of five musical projects that are emerging in the city, giving stage to “bands that are starting, that do not yet have a consolidated public and that they have more difficult to be able to play in the more formal rooms of the city, “said Ricardo Jerónimo, responsible for the agency of the recording studio and producer of Coimbra Blue House, which co-produces the event together with the Agency for the Promotion of Downtown Coimbra (APBC).

On Saturday, the projects Pinhata and Defrosted Pork Chops perform young bands from the city that are in the stage of recording and “with interesting projects, that combine various influences” of their musicians, explained.

Filipe Furtado, an Azorean living in Coimbra who combines bossa nova with jazz, Busted Kittens, a project by Gonçalo Parreirão, and MC Ruze, who is not an emerging artist, are also present on Saturday. music, a strong connection to the local community and Coimbra and it made perfect sense to “finish the cycle with this rapper of the city.

The concerts will take place between 11:30 and 16:15, in various areas of downtown, such as Terreiro da Erva, Praça do Comércio or Adro de Baixo, always “in commercial spaces that need to emerge, which already had a job, but they are closed waiting for a new occupation, “said Ricardo Jerónimo.

According to this official, Blue House is willing “to start producing some anchor events” in the city, hoping in 2019 to continue this cycle of concerts dedicated to emerging bands along with APBC.

Blue House is an agency and recording studio in Coimbra that works with city projects such as Birds Are Indie, Jigsaw, d3ö, Subway Riders or The Parkinsons.

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