Band FUGA releases the single «MOMENTO» in digital format

The Band FUGA is launching their single “Momento” in digital format on May 1st

With the pandemic that drastically changed everyone’s lives, FUGA decided to do a distance production with a sense of will, courage, and strength for everyone.


If, in the previous single “Nós”, the beautiful voice of Beatriz Nunes (she also sang in the latest Madredeus records) acted together with FUGA, this time it was the decisive words of the President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, of the Prime Minister António Costa, Mrs. Minister of Health Marta Temido and Ms. General Director of Health Dr. Graça Freitas, who defined and gave voice to the “Moment” of the country and consequently of all of us.

The voices of Daniel Paula (MadeIN), Iuri Sanson (Eternity’s End), Pedro Henriques (Piece of Cake) and Ricardo Neiva (FIVE) join FUGA in a human force about what the “Momento” message is.

From the summer of 2019 to March 2020, the band FUGA released the singles “Nós”, “Momento Por Chegar”, “Amanhã”, “Realidade Onírica” and “Nasce Assim”, where they showed that the path will always be a musical surprise and visual, but that the language of Camões will be a constant.

Despite being part of the pop-rock genre, the band often intends to experiment with new records and create music outside of expected standards.

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