Soundtrack for the new Disney film, “Wish”, is now available

The album features original songs by Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice, including viral hits like “This Wish” and “This Is The Thanks I Get?!”.

The soundtrack for “Wish”, the new film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, is now available on all streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music), on CD and vinyl. Featuring the voices of Oscar-winning actress Ariana DeBose as Asha, Chris Pine as King Magnificent and Alan Tudyk as Asha’s pet goat Valentino, the epic animated musical “Wish” hits theatres today, culminating the celebrations of the studio’s 100 years. Inspired by Walt Disney’s magical musical legacy, the film features an original story and characters, with seven all-new songs written by Grammy®-nominated singer/songwriter Julia Michaels and Grammy®-winning producer, songwriter and musician Benjamin Rice. Before the film’s premiere, five songs were released that became viral hits – generating more than 60 million creations on TikTok, resulting in 5.5 billion views.

At the heart of “Wish” – like many Disney films – is music. “Many of our most beloved films are musicals,” said producer Peter Del Vecho. “When you think of Disney, you think of a series of emotions. We want to feel like we’re on a rollercoaster and part of that emotion comes from the music.”

When considering the songs and composer for “Wish,” the filmmakers wanted to find someone who could deliver a timeless, contemporary sound. Jennifer Lee, chief creative officer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, said: “Julia Michaels is an extraordinary talent, and together with her writing partner Benjamin Rice, they created original songs that inspired everyone who worked on the film. Their collaborative process was so special, they sat down with us and talked about our characters’ motivations.”

Julia Michaels said: “Disney has been very integrated into my life throughout my career as a composer. The songs on ‘Wish’ are fun, emotional and sincere. Ben and I had to cover a lot of ground lyrically, so many of the songs are rhythmically whimsical and heartfelt. The collaborative process with the filmmakers was special.”

Benjamin Rice added: “The songs are truly impactful. From the opening song to the closing credits, I think the songs cover rich emotional territory, while also giving context to the story and carrying the kind of genuine messages that live on and off the film.”

“Wish” soundtrack lineup

1. “Welcome to Rosas,” performed by Ariana DeBose and the cast of “Wish”

2. “At All Costs,” performed by Chris Pine and Ariana DeBose

3. “This Wish,” performed by Ariana DeBose

4. “I’m A Star,” performed by the cast of “Wish”

5. “This is the Thanks I Get?!” played by Chris Pine

6. “Knowing What I Know Now,” performed by Ariana DeBose, Angelique Cabral and the cast of “Wish”

7. “This Wish (Reprise)” performed by Ariana DeBose and the cast

8. “A Wish Worth Making,” performed by Julia Michaels

9. “This Wish” Instrumental

10. “I’m A Star” Instrumental

11. “This is the Thanks I Get?!” Instrumental

12. “A Wish Worth Making,” Instrumental

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Wish” is an animated musical comedy that introduces us to the magical kingdom of Roses, where Asha, a perceptive idealist, makes a wish so powerful that it is granted by a cosmic force – a tiny ball. of unlimited energy called a Star. Together, Asha and Estrela face a powerful enemy – the Magnificent King, the ruler of Rosas – to save her community and prove that when the will of a brave human connects with the magic of the stars, wonderful things can happen. It opens in Portuguese cinemas on November 23rd.

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