Banksy photo exhibition arrives in Porto

From January 19, the Port Authority will host an exhibition by British photographer Barry Cawston focusing on the design Dismaland, a satire on Disneyland, by the British artist Banksy, whose true identity remains unknown.

Banksy, Dismaland and Others” by Barry Cawston is, according to the organization, “a powerful exhibition” that takes the public “on a journey through the phenomenal work of an artist who for more than 25 years uses his art to question the values of society and that now comes, and for the first time, to Portugal.

According to information available on the exhibition’s website, the exhibition “counts with 44 large photographs, integrates images of the project Dismaland (2015)“, but also “other works identifying the artist as the Walled Off Hotel (2017) or ‘ Flower Thrower ‘(2005).

In addition to Barry Cawston’s photographs, “Banksy, Dismaland and Others” will “integrate a series of works by young Portuguese artists, also serving as a launching pad for new names in the urban art universe.”

Banksy does New York” (2014) and “Saving Banksy” (2017) – are highlighting works, highlighting controversies and approaching their genius. “.

Banksy created the Dismalland amusement park in Weston-super-Mare, a seaside town in the west of England, in 2015, which was attended by more than 40 artists, including Portugal’s Wasted Rita.

Dismalland Bemusement Park was featured on the initiative’s official website as “an art, entertainment and anarchy for beginners” festival, which only operated for five weeks and had a limited number of tickets.

This amusement park included a castle, a cinema, mini-golf, a circus tent, and Guerrilla Island, a celebration of guerrilla art, where workshops were held on how to ‘hack’ advertising panels. ”

At Dismalland there were also three art galleries and every Friday there were concerts, with bands and artists such as DJ Yoda, Run The Jewels, Savages, Pussy Riot and Massive Attack.

The artist’s satirical works – rats, policemen kissing, cops with faces of yellow smileys – first appeared on Bristol’s walls, before spreading through London and then around the world.

Banksy’s works of art reflect themes such as war, child poverty and the environment.

The identity of the artist remains a mystery, but his works have reached high values in auctions.

In October, a Banksy play was destroyed after being sold for 1.04 million pounds (1.18 million euros) at the London auction house Sotheby’s.

The author himself published a photograph on the Instagram social network just as the “Girl with balloon” picture is stripped down by a paper shredder installed in the bottom of the frame.

In 2017, he presented the Walled Off Hotel, the “hotel with the worst view in the world“, in Bethlehem, directly to the West Bank separation barrier erected by Israel.

The rooms are decorated with works by various artists such as Sami Musa, Dominique Petrin and Banksy himself.

Banksy, Dismaland and Other” will be on display at the Port Customs Office from January 19 to March 31.

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