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Bárbara Bandeira rocks the Coliseu

Coliseu dos Recreios

The Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon sold out to listen to Bárbara Bandeira. After several postponements, the audience responded to the call to attend a good concert. Mostly, teenagers, the audience showed Barbara that she is in her heart, by singing all, even all, songs with her.

After three postponements, the artist did not disappoint and gave her fans everything she had to give, she sang, enchanted, was moved, cried, laughed and played and in the meantime a heartfelt tribute.

Bárbara Bandeira > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Margarida Rodrigues – iNeews < 2021.11.28

The artist was accompanied by 8 dancers, 3 voices, 3 violins, 1 cello, guitar, bass guitar, drums and keys, everything and everyone contributed to a perfect night.

Visually very well-conceived, the Coliseum was several times filled with stars and on stage a giant moon.

In her debut at the Coliseu Bárbara Bandeira, she brought Mike 11, Rui Bandeira (the father), Ivo, Agir to sing with her and, as the artist mentioned, her most recent friend, the fado singer Carminho.

Bárbara Bandeira > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Margarida Rodrigues – iNeews < 2021.11.28

Nem Sequer Doeu”, “Como Sou”, “Friend Zone were the first songs sung by the artist. “Ride” was the theme that brought together on stage the singer and Mike 11. The second guest, the one who is the most important in his life was Rui Bandeira, his father. Together they sang “Tu És Parte de Mim”.

The theme “Pra Ficar” was dedicated to true fans and judging by the chorus, by the voices that were heard, Barbara has many because, in addition to singing with her, they filled the Coliseu with a sea of stars.

In one of the most emotional moments of the night, the artist paid tribute to Sara Carreira, bringing the entire Coliseum to tears.

Bárbara Bandeira > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Margarida Rodrigues – iNeews < 2021.11.28

About the theme “Como Eu” he said that it was the most special song that perhaps he has released and brought Ivo to the stage; another great moment of the night that culminated in a heartfelt embrace between the two artists. This was followed by “Nós os Dois“, a song that Barbara asks the audience to sing with her, and the result was wonderful

About the next guest, the singer said that “in a retrospective of her career (still short) Agir is responsible for her being where she is, having reached the level she reached, that he was also responsible for the musical arrangements of the concert and is, for she, a source of great pride to be able to step on stage with him“.

Bárbara Bandeira > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Margarida Rodrigues – iNeews < 2021.11.28

About her, Agir says that “she deserves to be where she is, stepping on the Coliseum stage, it is an honour to share the path with Her, with so many people adoring her and that being on stage with her is a source of pride“. Together they sing Última Carta.

Almost at the end of Bárbara Bandeira’s consecration night, the theme “Onde Vais” brings the fado singer Carminho to the stage, the music that is in the mouths of fans, brought back the spectacular chorus that was the audience that flocked to the coliseum and, for a There is no better artist, the recognition of his work, as for Carminho what can we say… Spectacular.

It was a good concert, by a young singer who has a great future ahead of her.

Bárbara Bandeira > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Margarida Rodrigues – iNeews < 2021.11.28
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