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Barbara Tinoco, Carolina Deslandes, Pablo Alborán and J Balvin the stars of the second day

Meo Mares Vivas

After the first day, they played Gaia, Da Weasel, Slow J, Os Quatro e Meia, and Jorge Palma, in a packed venue, the second day, at Meo Mares Vivas, was fantastic with concerts by Barbara Tinoco & Carolina Deslandes, Pablo Alborán and J Balvin took another flood to Vila Nova de Gaia.

Os Lua opened the 2nd day of Marés Vivas

On the Moche stage, the Portuguese singer Aurora Pinto and her electric guitar, with Catarina Vital, on the 2nd electric guitar, and Jonatas Samuel, on drums and keys. The Os Lua managed to attract a very dispersed audience around the venue.

Aurora, owner of an interesting voice and an appealing pop rock, and Os Lua with a good presence on stage, are very promising, the vocalist even mentions that “we still have a short trip, with a lot to go”.

“Falar para as Paredes”, “Não sei o que faço Aqui”, “Cinema”, “Logo Resolvo”, “És Gay” and “Não Voltes” were some of the themes that passed through the stage. “Old Town Road” was the song that Aurora took to the Blind Proofs, by The Voice Kids Portugal, where she participated in 2021, having reached the semifinals. As guests, Os Lua brought Atoa, with the theme “Já não estou na Tua mão”.

Os Lua > 2023.07.15 < Meo Mares Vivas – Gaia ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Cláudia Pascoal opened the Meo Marés Vivas Stage

Likewise, Cláudia Pascoal opened the Meo Stage with the theme “Fado Chiclete”. Before that, she joked with Joana Marques, from Radio Renascença, in a pre-recorded video. “Being an artist is so, so difficult”, jokes Cláudia, just add instruments one by one, a few claps and that’s it, “making the 2nd album was easy”, and this is the one we are going to present.

With her presence on stage, Cláudia plays with the music, with the sounds, and over the course of an hour or so, she sings “Assim, Assim”, with her cavaquinho followed by “Espalha Brasas” from the first album, then “Precaução”, “Eu Jogo Ténis”, “Eh Para a Frente Eh Para trás”, “Lugar”, “Oh Mãe” and of course “Nasci Maria”.

As a guest behind Marante, with whom she sang “Onde Vais Amanhã” and ”A Bela Portuguesa”.

Claudia Pascoal > 2023.07.15 < Meo Mares Vivas – Gaia ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Carolina Deslandes and Bárbara Tinoco on the Meo stage

Afterward, Carolina Deslandes and Barbara Tinoco appeared on the main stage. A perfect combination of the voices of two friends, where the complicity between them is perfectly clear. They played their songs and switched songs. It was an excellent concert, with the public dancing, singing from beginning to end, and the many successes of the duo.

Among so many songs we hear “Vai lá”, “Outras Línguas”, “Ensina-me a Voar”, “Adeus Amor, Adeus”, Carolina then reveals that this is the second and last concert of both as DUO, to the sadness of many, she mentions that they are happy to be here, it’s good to be back home, we are Meo ambassadors and best friends.

They continue with “Cidade”, “Despedida de solteira”, “Querido Ex-namorado”, “Paz”, “Vida Toda”, “Avião de Papel”, “Antes dela dizer que sim”, “Não me Importo”, “Planeta”, “Por um Triz” and “Chamada não Atendida”, one of the great concerts of the festival.

Pablo Alborán melted hearts on Meo

Pablo Alborán steps on the Meo Marés Vivas stage for the first time, he told us that it is a pleasure to be back in Portugal, in Porto. He says that he hopes from the heart that we all enjoy this evening, which is a very special night for him.

It presents the songs from the new album but also makes a return to the past for the delight of its fans, we hear “Carretera e Manta”, “No Vaya a Ser”, “Corazon Descalzo”, “Estoi Listo”, “Tu Refugio”, “Si Hubieras Querido” and “Saturno” and we traveled to the past with “Solamente Tú” and “Perdóname”, with the fans accompanying him, singing and dancing, with him all his themes, between smiles and a few tears.

J Balvin > 2023.07.15 < Meo Mares Vivas – Gaia ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

J Balvin was the last star of the night

Balvin started a little late, but in great style, he emerged from an inflatable flying saucer, accompanied by several dancers, all with masks and dressed as if a police intervention body had taken over the stage.

He took all of his greatest themes to the stage while dancing with the dancers, one of the surprising moments was when he invited three fans from the public to sing with him on stage, and if the public was surprised, the three chosen were euphoric, and everyone sat in the edge of the stage, sang in unison with the rest of the festival audience.

But the festival had more performances, such as: Orquestra Bamba Social, Karetus, Hugo Sousa, Luís Vieira, Miguel Sousa and Carol Branco.

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