Barcelona become European futsal champion after beating ElPozo Murcia

Playing at home, at Palau Blaugrana, where the ‘final four’ was played, to the detriment of Minsk, FC Barcelona won their third title, after 2012 and 2014, while Murcia lost the second final, after 2008 against the Russians from Ekateringburg, at the time of the penalty shoot-out.

The Catalans advanced on the scoreboard in the fourth minute, with Dyego, in the central zone, shooting from the top and without dropping, with the ball deflecting in a colleague and betraying the goalkeeper.

The Murcians had two sovereign opportunities to at least tie, however Rafa, after getting everyone out of the way, including the goalkeeper, threw the post with the post, and then it was Dario Gil, leaning against the second post not to hit the ball for the seam that seemed easy.

This is how, against the current of the game, Aicardo, at nine, shot from a distance, with the ball coming out of his left foot, deflecting in the opposite direction, expanding to 2-0.

Paradoxically, the Barcelona coach seemed dissatisfied, while his Murcia counterpart told his pupils to maintain their attitude and tactics on the pitch.

From high blood pressure, the goal that relaunched the discussion of the result was born, on the 25th minute, in a move finished by Leo Santana.

With Barcelona playing more in anticipation, trying to control, the opportunities were still alternating through the goals, however the result did not change, although the Murcians did everything to at least take the discussion to penalties.

In the third place match between Russian opponents, KPRF Moscow beat Tyumen in the 3-1 penalty shoot-out, after 2-2 equality at the end of regulation time.

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