Barcelos Creative City of Unesco welcomes exhibitions of handicrafts and ceramics

Barcelos will host, between Friday and August 15 and for the first time as Creative City of Unesco, the 36th National Exhibition of Handicrafts and Ceramics, with about 130 stands, announced the municipality.

In a statement, the municipality said that the integration of Barcelos in the Network of Creative Cities in the category of Crafts and Popular Art at the end of 2017 is “an international recognition that further enhances the one that is one of the the oldest shows in the country and the one that best mirrors the authenticity and richness of folk art. ”

He also recalls that, also in 2017, Barcelos won the National Handicraft Prize, with the Promotion Award for Public Entities, which aims to recognize the work of public entities or organizations in favor of arts and crafts.

At this ceremony, the artisan from Barcelona Júlia Ramalho won the Career Prize.

“It is, therefore, on the path of a year of gold for the craft of Barcelona that happens this 36th edition of the show,” the statement said.

Of the approximately 130 stands that will be present at the show, the majority are artisans from Barcelos, namely from the pottery industry.

The highlight of the show is the 8th edition of the Handicraft Gala, on the 11th, in which will be awarded the prizes Career, Innovation, Revelation Contemporary Crafts and Revelation Traditional Crafts.

Júlia Ramalho, Júlia Côta, Júlio Alonso or Armando Braz are some of the great names of the craft of Barcelona who have already seen their work recognized with the award of the Career Prize.

The show program also includes daily workshops with county craftsmen from several areas.

In terms of musical animation, the municipality highlights the singer Fernando Pereira and the Portuguese folk music groups Galandum Galandaina and Kumpania Algazarra.

Daily, there will be street animation and surrounded by the precincts of folklore groups of the county.

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