Barry White Gone Wrong return with “The Less You”

The Less You” marks the return to editions of Barry White Gone Wrong. After “Done”, an album published in 2019, “The Less You” is the first of a collection of songs, written and composed between 2019 and 2021 by the Portuguese-Belgian band, which will be published over the next few months.

Written by Peter de Cuyper and composed by Miguel Décio, Carlos Borges and Tiago Albuquerque, “The Less You” talks about common themes: the process of separation, the confusion caused by a major change in life, the attempt not to obsess or go crazy, overcoming and entering a new stage. Because not all love stories have a happy ending, but getting over it is possible!

The groove of the song is based on guitar and electric bass. A sound that “pulls forward” and that is contrasted by simple and languid guitar lines, but with an aggressive sound of wah and fuzz. The right environment to raise your voice!

The video for “The Less You”, recorded at Labirintho Bar, in the city of Porto, refers to the stages of the separation process. In the first person, Peter de Cuyper reveals the stages of this complex path, leading to freedom from the shackles. Directed by Jorge Riobom, it is an uncomplicated film, where the most important are the words: “I’ll get back to life. Create, create a new me!”.


19 Nov | Uncle Joe’s, Esmoriz
20 Nov | Uncle Joe’s, Esmoriz
15 Jan | Hollywood Spot, Corroios
21 Jan | Theatro Circo, Braga
22 Jan | Sala Rebullón, Vigo, ES
23 Jan | Café Cultural Auriense, Ourense, ES

About Barry White Gone Wrong

BWGW are a Luso-Belgian band formed in November 2010, on a journey between Oslo and Lisbon, by musicians from multiple origins who mix rock, soul, blues and funk, with the deep and iconic voice of Peter de Cuyper. The name Barry White Gone Wrong comes from the title of an article about the singer’s previous band, Le Divan. The article’s author saw a similarity between the voices of Barry White and Peter. But musically, the distance was immense.

In 2011 BWGW debuted live at Festa do Avante and released the single “Glamour Road”. After dozens of concerts, in 2015, they edited the single “Dynamite” which caught the attention of the radio and the press and, the following year, “The Day”, a song in which Peter reconciles his powerful timbre with his serene voice and unmistakable of his friend António Zambujo.

In 2017 they recorded their debut album, “Tornado”, at BlackSheep Studios, produced by Tatanka. The first tour of “Tornado” took them to Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands and Belgium. The 2018 tour went through several European countries, as well as Africa and summer festivals such as Paredes de Coura.

The Barry White Gone Wrong returns in 2019 with “Done”, the second feature, widely broadcast on national radio stations and thousands of reproductions on digital platforms. From this album came the singles “Anonymous Believers”, “She Loves a Singer” and, at the end of 2019, “Finishin’ Circles”, with Miguel Décio in the lead voice. The tour that followed had more than 40 dates in Portugal, Spain and Belgium.

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