Basilda the band that will put Portugal dancing

Basilda, the band that was called Meera, presented their debut album “Keep on dancing“, and goes around Portugal, dancing, happy and in a good mood.

Basilda presented their debut album “Keep on dancing” at Teatro Maria Matos, on October 11th, the band from Porto, also had as special guest, Isaura, and we highlight the excellent video mapping, signed by Grandpa”s Lab.

Basilda no Teatro Maria Matos 2021.10.11 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

Basilda are not completely unknown, they were at the Festival da Canção 2020, but with another name Meera, the group musically ranges between funk and house, from pop to r&b including hip-hop, with happy, cheerful and very lively themes. danceable.

The audience present at Maria Matos was not much, but they were fans who knew the band’s songs and quickly began to go along with the songs, clapping, singing and dancing even while sitting, we are still clinging to some pandemic restrictions.

In voice and drums we have Cêcê (Cecília Costa), in the production of Goldmatique (Leonardo Pinto) and Jonny Abbey (João Abrantes).

Fora da “caixa” fica o tema “Say something“, uma balada, que Cêcê diz ser a sua música favorita “Pela mensagem“, momento que foi muito emotivo para a autora, Jonny Abbey reforçou que “ainda bem, que tivemos a Cecília para escrever uma letra tão bonita como esta, uma letra tão pessoal“, Cêcê mais recomposta continua ainda sobre o tema “todos temos dias maus e dias bons também, e esta é uma forma de vos dizer que estamos todos juntos, independente de tudo“.

Out of the “box” is the theme “Say something“, a ballad, which Cêcê says is her favourite song “Because of the message“, a moment that was very emotional for the author, Jonny Abbey reinforced that “thankfully, we had Cecília to write such a beautiful lyric like this, such a personal lyric“, Cêcê more composed, continues “we all have bad days and good days too, and this is a way of telling you that we are all together, regardless of everything“.

Basilda no Teatro Maria Matos 2021.10.11 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

In addition to “Say something“, we did listen to all the songs on the disc, like “Keep on dancing“, “Little of your time”, “Fine without you“, “Bring it up“, “Lovers“, “Me & You“, “Addiction“, “Think Straight“, “Bubblegum” and “Real Close” with the special participation of Isaura.

Basilda is a band to be taken into account in the Portuguese music scene.

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