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Basket Clube de Gaia becomes national runner-up

1st Wheelchair Basketball Division

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Basket Clube de Gaia was crowned, on July 18, national vice-champion in wheelchair basketball. The team from Gaia lost in the final to APD Braga (60-48), who thus became a five-time national champion.

A remarkable result, considering that this was BC Gaia’s debut year in the I National Division of the sport. After the victories in the final four over APD Leiria by 46-44 and over APD Sintra by 76-67, in the decisive game APD Braga ended up winning, but with great difficulties, as BC Gaia won at half-time by 26-25. In the second half, Braga responded and managed to win.

This result adds to the club’s presence in the final of the Portuguese Cup, in which it was also won by APD Braga, in early July.

In the balance of this time, BC Gaia did not fail to thank “the tireless support of the Municipality, since the beginning of the project“, having ensured “the redoubled ambition” for the next season: “disputing all national titles, attracting new athletes and participating at a preliminary stage of the European competitions”.

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