The Chairman of the order of doctors points out “priorities in health”

Portucalense promotes debate on health in Portugal

The Chairman of the Order of Physicians, Dr Miguel Guimarães, will be present, tomorrow, May 13, at 12 pm, at the Portucalense University to point out the priorities in health within the scope of the Seminar Cycle “The Paths of Humanity”.

For Miguel Guimarães,the pandemic caused by the covid-19 disease, the war in Europe and the last legislative elections, pose new challenges, which must be faced”.

Either we manage to win or we become increasingly isolated at the tail end of Europe. And Health is a good test. Defining priorities today and creating a state of readiness in health as an active part of National Security are national imperatives for a debate capable of mobilizing civil society and political leaders”, he stresses.

The event takes place at Sala dos Atos, at Universidade Portucalense, in Porto.

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