Bate Fado invited everyone to dance at CCB

Bate Fado by Jonas & Lander

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It was with the rhythm of the tap dance beat, the joy of the movement and the beauty of the words that the CCB hosted the show Bate Fado by Jonas & Lander at the Grande Auditório, in a crowded room where Fado and Dance were kings.

Jonas&Lander – Bate Fado CCB 2021.09.02
©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

“Oh… if the holy father knew the taste of fado, he would come to beat fado too!”

Words are sung by Jonas, who is a choreographer, dancer and fado singer, and who, among guitars, musicians and dancers, illuminated with Lander and the other artists on stage this fantastic night at Centro Cultural de Belém.

This Jonas&Lander creation is a hybrid show between dance and music concert designed for 9 performers: 4 dancers, 4 musicians and a fado/dancer.

Like other musical styles, such as Samba or Flamenco, Fado also had its own dance styles. In Lisbon, the style that had the greatest expression was the Fado Batido, a dance with an energetic and virtuoso tap dance.

In BATE FADO Jonas&Lander reinterprets and recovers the act of tapping Fado, BATE FADO  intends to bring back the dance that Fado lost, returning to nineteenth-century Lisbon, where the fado, sung, danced and felt, happened indoors and outdoors, in the streets or alleys, in taverns or popular festivals.

A show that was sensual and a little marginal, but always very humorous, satirizing traditions and conventions, in a simple but beautiful setting, which the artists filled with beauty, rhythm and music to an audience that “embraced” them with applause.

Jonas&Lander – Bate Fado CCB 2021.09.02
©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews


They crossed paths at the Escola Superior de Dança during their academic training, starting a collaboration that has become recognized in the Portuguese dance scene as having a strong signature of an author, with unique contours, which explores the fusion between different performing arts, with special emphasis on emphasis on music. This brand is immediately touched upon in ‘Cascas d’OvO‘(2013), his first co-creation, where the rhythmic sense is vertiginously used as a common thread throughout the piece. The authorial work of JONAS&LANDER has a wide range of pieces such as Matilda Carlota (2014), Arrastão (2015), Adorabilis (2017), Lento e Largo (2019) and Coin Operated (2019); also developing projects with local communities such as the play ‘Playback‘ for the Festival Materials Divers (2013) or ‘Caruma‘ (2014), at the invitation of Estufa Plataforma Cultural. In 2015 they founded Sinistra, a fado house located in Sintra, whose legal structure works as a production house for the duo’s authorial work. In 2017, they participated in the documentary series Portugal que Dança. They were part of the film Body Buildings, released in 2020. Bate Fado is their latest creation.

Another excellent co-production by Centro Cultural de Belém/EGEAC and the Fado Museum.

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