BATEU MATOU announce guests for LUX concerts

BATEU MATOU is the meeting of 3 rhythm men. Ivo Costa, RIOT and Quim Albergaria make songs with the rhythms of Lisbon.

The pulses and choruses of the city made of difference, come together in the first record of the trio “Chegou”. A collection of hymns to be sung with the whole body and the first opportunity to do it together will be on the LUX Frágil track.

Scúru Fitchadú, Héber Marques, Papillon, Irma, Toty Sa’Med, Favela Lacroix and Miguel Pité, who also participate in the disc, join Bateu Matou for the concert concerts (meanwhile SOLD OUT) of ARCHIVES, on the 27th and 28th of May at 9 pm at LUX.

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