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Bateu Matou edit on 27 October new single/video

"Bandido" feat Pité

This post is also available in: Português (Portuguese (Portugal))

Who decides what the difference is between lifeguards and entrepreneurs?
And what makes a bandit, and another mere accused?
Is it a balance in the bank? The diploma on the wall? The skin colour? Or is it shame in the face?
Justice is not blind, much less deaf. If you don’t get away with it, at least dance.

Bandido” is the new single by Bateu Matou with the participation of mano Pité, about to launch that dance message, that conscience-beat, that dance-to-forget-that-I’ll-pay-a-fine tomorrow.
For anyone and everyone who has seen a registered letter from Finance pawn your life, and then turn on the TV and watch newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s make justice forget about your crimes, this is for you.

Listen here

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