Bateu Matou edit double single on April 23

“The difficult times we went through together, reminded us of a lesson as simple as it is true: everything that is real has more than one dimension.

Nothing and nobody is always just one thing. We cannot reduce a song to its chorus, a beat to the shock plate or a melody to the keyboard because to have an A side, we need a B side.

Lisbon has many rhythms and many languages, many dances and many gingas. Bateu Matou are a band of this plurality and therefore difficult to reduce to a single descriptive, let alone a single. So, in anticipation of their first album “CHEGOU”, the trio composed by Ivo Costa, RIOT and Quim Albergaria releases a double single to show (at least) two sides of the unique mix of life, identity and rhythm of what they composed, recorded and produced during confinement.

On the one hand, prepared for Lisbon’s dawns and dance floors, they join Papillon to create another way to beat until it becomes “Clichê”.

On the other hand, in “Subi Subi” they raise with Irma a celebration of light in a pop hymn of overcoming with a cadence that could only have drumming in the heart to lift our spirits. “

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