BATEU MATOU had a party at the Festival da Canção RTP and the PARTY continues!

Invited to perform before the final vote, Bateu Matou took with them the voices of Lura, Sara Correia and Blaya and had everyone dancing to a medley of Festival classics supported by the percussive rhythm of Bateu Matou

What they asked us was to look at the Festival’s songbook and see which songs could take this turbo and this energy. We had the extra challenge of “setting up” the dance in songs with this particularity of being “tongue-twisters”, the onomatopoeias , the repeated refrains.”

The dance will be repeated this Saturday the 19th, at Arraial Jameson in Capitólio, on the 25th of March in the Plano B in Porto and on the 28th of April, at Estúdio Time Out in Lisbon.

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