Batida takeover S. Luiz

Takeover # 1 - Musicbox festival in São Luiz

In another show at the Takeover # 1 – Musicbox festival in São Luiz, Pedro Coquenão, Batida presented The Algorithm is not African!, a show with a lot of music, dance, good mood but also attentive to what is happening around us.

Pedro Coquenão has been linked to projects in the areas of music, radio, dance, visual and plastic arts, known as Batida, presented on Saturday the show The Algorithm is not African!, this show was created at the invitation of The Roots for #TheRootsAfricaDay.

The Luso-African artist transformed the stage into a small living room, in the company of several objects, such as a map of Africa, an Angolan flag, fabrics or pillows with African patterns or a box of Luso waters, among many, many others, shard thoughts, curiosities, comments, music with the audience, in an information algorithm that mirrors the African continent and beyond.

Two dancers also took part, who made their night even richer with their performance, but also Nuno Markl, known for the curiosity’s program “The Man who bit the dog” on Rádio Comercial, but also author and presenter, was the special guest, he brightened up the show with a very energetic dance, with his cape and ribbon (artistic gymnastics instrument) and spread good spirits and smiles throughout the audience.

This show, which according to the artist “does not know if it is culture or not”, was full of good mood but also talked about equality, habits, customs, confinement or masks.

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