Batom: Festival for women announces news on International Women’s Day

Feminine Festival opens in Coimbra
March 24th, 25th and 26th
Casa das Artes Bissaya Barreto, Casa do Cinema de Coimbra and Salão Brazil

Batom is a festival that brings together inspiring women from areas such as music and cinema, communication and social entrepreneurship, research and journalism, theatre, digital content production and feminist activism.

On this International Women’s Day, the organization decided to share the news that joins a multifaceted and diverse program that will take place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of March, in Coimbra.

FEMINA, the podcast project by journalist Vanessa Augusto that aims to listen to and celebrate the role and achievements of women in our culture, will be present at Batom. On March 24th and 25th, the podcaster will promote two conversations with emerging women artists from the city of Coimbra, in the intimate and empowered register that is so characteristic of her.

Casa das Artes Bissaya Barreto welcomes the start of the festival, on March 24 at 6 pm, with the opening and viewing of the making of the street artwork by artist Aheneah. At 7 pm, journalist Rita Marrafa de Carvalho will moderate the “Conversation between women“, a space for debate with inspiring women from Coimbra, representatives from various areas of society. Among them: Adriana Bebiano, a university professor who sees teaching as activism, being a researcher at the Center for Social Studies and co-founder and co-coordinator of the Masters and Doctoral programs in Feminist Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra; Rita Januário, COO of BUILDTOO and co-founder of Cityoo, innovative companies with an entrepreneurial impact in the Coimbra region; and Isabel Rosado, co-founder and president of Associação Palhaços D’Opital, one of the 100 most influential women in Europe in the social area by Euclid Network.

On the 25th of March, in the same space, DJ Claudia Duarte, who has gone from program to program on Rádio Universidade de Coimbra, returns home at 6 pm to share the songs that keep her head.
This is followed by the play “Memories of a Forger” by actress and director Catarina Requeijo (21:30), in which she plays the talented plastic artist Margarida Tengarrinha, who lived in hiding between 1954 and 1974, giving voice to the perspective of women on life in the underground.

On March 26, the Batom program at Casa das Artes Bissaya Barreto, starts at 11 am with a Song Writing Workshop with singer and songwriter Joana Espadinha, author of one of the great albums of Portuguese music of 2021, ending with an episode special of the program “Talk to her” by Inês Meneses, at 6 pm.

On the 25th and 26th of March, Casa do Cinema de Coimbra has a program curated by the Women’s Film FestivalLooks from the Mediterranean”, including some of the films that have been highlighted in the last editions of the Festival that premiered in 2014. Among the selected programming, it will be possible to watch films by Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, English, Spanish and Italian filmmakers, covering the themes of work, immigration, precariousness, sexism, but also struggle, resistance, emancipation and hope. The schedule is as follows:

March 25 at 4pm
Session #1 (98 min)
Cellfie, 3 min (PT) — Begin to Look Competition 2020
Greenhouse Flower, 15 min (PT) — Begin a Look Competition/Travessias Special Section 2021
Back Mamba, 20 min (TU) — Best Short Film General Competition 2019
37 days, 23 min (GR) — General Shorts Competition 2019
Tuk-Tuk, 26 min (EG), Special Section Crossings 2021

March 26 at 4pm
Session #2 (88 min)
Ferrotipos, 14 min (ES), Best film ex-aequo General Short Film Competition 2021
I am the Revolution, 74 min (IT) — General Feature Film Competition 2020

At Salão Brazil, on March 24, it will be possible to watch the stand-up show “Who Believes Go” by Beatriz Gosto, a show about feminism, irreverence and a sense of humour to speak without taboos on women’s issues that concern everyone and, on the 25th of March, to the concert by Rita Vian, a wide spectacle between electronics and tradition. There is a Lipstick for women who wear pants at home and for fans of the miniskirt.

The ones that crochet and the ones that don’t stitch without a knot. Those who don’t know how to fry an egg and those who make eggless omelettes every day.

There is a Lipstick that goes well with those who only wear flats and those who never come down from their heels. The ones that are nuder and the ones that are more pastel. Those who have a waist game and those who put their hands on their hips.

There’s a perfect Lipstick for the born-to-be, the motherfuckers and the stay-at-aunts. The housewives, the housewives-of-it-all and the ladies of your nose.

There’s a Lipstick for everyone.
There’s a Lipstick for you too.

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