Battle of Vimeiro with a Digital Symbolic Event

The Municipality of Lourinhã marks the dates on which the event “Historical Recreation of the Battle of Vimeiro & Mercado Oitocentista” takes place, an event that is nominated for the contest of the 7 Wonders of the Portuguese Popular Culture

On the next 17th, 18th and 19th of July, the Municipality of Lourinhã together with the Parish Council of Vimeiro and the Association for the Memory of the Battle of Vimeiro will meet to symbolically mark the dates on which, in previous years, held in person at Vimeiro-Lourinhã, the event “Historical Recreation of the Battle of Vimeiro & Mercado Oitocentista”, an event that, in this year of 2020, is nominated for the contest of the 7 Wonders of the Portuguese Popular Culture.

Through the Facebook and Instagram pages, a set of short videos alluding to the battle will be made available: small sketches of animation and street theater, musical moments, workshops, and videos on the military theme with recreational personnel in uniform at the time.

These will be some of the moments that the public will be able to view through social media. In addition, there will be a game about the Battle of Vimeiro, over the three days, with the big draw scheduled for the late afternoon of Sunday, July 19th.

During the event, the Virtual Tour of the Battle of Vimeiro Interpretation Center will be officially presented. This cultural and tourist equipment in the Municipality of Lourinhã has been completely renovated in order to meet the highest standards of accessibility and inclusion.

It presents to the public an exhibition with three permanent visitation rooms and an auditorium where a small documentary about the battle is made available, subtitled and with LGP integration. Audio guides with audio description content in four languages, maps, plans, room sheets with Braille integration, reliefs, LGP and international signs are examples of resources that you can find in this space.

This new Tour allows visitors to enter virtually through their computers and mobile devices within the space and to get in touch with this historical-cultural heritage so important to the history and identity of all of us.

The Municipality of Lourinhã could not fail to mark such an important moment in the history of our region. We decided to adapt to the moment we live in and mark this celebration in a different format, reaching the public through virtual platforms and social networks, always emphasizing the heritage that we value so much”, says João Serra, Councilor of the Municipality of Lourinhã.

For additional information, access the event website here.

About the Battle of Vimeiro

The Battle of Vimeiro was fought on August 21, 1808 between the French Army, commanded by Junot, and the Anglo-Portuguese Army, under the command of Sir Arthur Wellesley. Anglo-Portuguese troops maintained a defensive position in Vimeiro, taking advantage of the geography of the terrain. The French gathered in Torres Vedras, decided to take the offensive, arriving in Carrasqueira on the morning of August 21.

From that point, Junot gave the order for the battle the most important and decisive clashes took place on the hill of Vimeiro. After two failed attacks and realizing the impossibility of taking the hill, Junot sent troops to take the place. In the area of ​​the Church, there was a bloody battle that ended with the withdrawal of the French, pursued by the Anglo-Portuguese cavalry.

Unaware of the situation on the left flank, two French brigades confronted the British at the top of the Ventosa. Once again, the French were forced to retreat.

It was an undeniable victory by the Anglo-Portuguese Army over the forces of Imperial France, ending the First French Invasion. Junot lost about two thousand men, including dead, wounded and prisoners, and the Anglo-Portuguese army about 700.

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