BE Safe wants to help reduce risks in festive settings

Reducing the risks and reducing the damage associated with sexuality and the consumption of psychoactive substances is the main purpose of the BE Safe project, which will be publicly presented in Viseu on the 3rd of December.

Additionally, the project aims to promote the creation of safer and more integrated recreational spaces in the Viseense territory. BE Safe is promoted by Associação Existências, co-financed by SICAD (Service of Intervention in Additive Behaviors and Dependencies), within the Operational Program of Integrated Responses, and by the Piaget Institute.

The public presentation session, organized by the Existências Association and scheduled for the university campus of the Piaget Institute of Viseu, will be the moment to make themselves known about the objectives and the main activities of the project.

BE Safe intends to maintain an active presence in festive contexts and in the online space, namely on social networks. The aim is to provide materials and information that can help manage risks and behaviors associated with the consumption of alcohol and other psychoactive substances and living together in recreational events, promoting the health of its visitors.

Among the materials and services that will be made available, free of charge, are, for example, condoms and lubricants, hearing plugs, alcohol testing and referral to health services, among others.

The project also invests in research and training as a way to raise the awareness of the target population and the community in general to these themes.

For the public presentation, the presence of representatives of various institutions in the area of ​​health, education and local power is already confirmed.

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