Beach of the Island of Tavira

The beach is located at the far end of the island of Tavira, next to Barra do Cochico, just in front of Tavira. The path to the Four-Waters pier follows the Gilão River and the artisanal fishing fleet that circulates or rests there as well as extensive areas of salt flats, where long-legged, small shorebirds feed.

This is the most humanized part of Tavira Island, where there are several summer houses, a camping site and various support equipment (restaurants and toilets). Also on the island is possible to enjoy a picnic park installed in a small pine forest, where you can observe the species Chamaeleo chamaeleon (chameleon). This beach has surveillance during the bathing season.

Access: It is made by boat from the quay of the Quatro Águas and / or Tavira, in the center of the city.


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