Beato presents ‘Assim na terra, como no céu’

After ‘À Beira-mar‘ and ‘Com Justa Causa‘, Beato presents ‘Assim na terra, como no Céu‘, a new advance from the album ‘Bonança‘, which will arrive in September, on CD and vinyl.

Accompanying the artist’s characteristic fresh and resourceful pop style, combined with the shrewd words he chooses for each song, this theme starts by confronting us with the fleetingness of life and then reminds us that we must enjoy it in all its splendor, in the good and in bad times, while we are here.

In Beato’s words, «On earth, as in heaven, it’s a song that speaks about our fragile and ephemeral existence. About what remains, what we want it to remain if it matters at all. It talks about valuing what is right, our days, our life and doing the best we can with it».

The song is accompanied by a video with the retro-modern aesthetic that Beato has already accustomed us to, with vibrant colors and native landscapes, where nature predominates over some more contemporary notes and where several family members of the artist appear.

About the video, he tells us that «this video was made in collaboration with Sofia Rocha, who helped me put into practice the plan to shoot the film in Serra de Montemuro, in the municipality of Cinfães, where my family comes from. The other part of this plan was to make a video that my family participated in and that part was easier. Fortunately the membership was large and I was lucky enough to have almost 40 family members. The challenge was actually managing all the energy. Bringing these people together in this landscape and making this video for this song was epic and emotional because they are related. It is a way of celebrating life, roots, the memory of those who are and those who are no longer there».

The video was made by Beato and Sofia Rocha and was filmed in Tendais, in the Serra de Montemuro. The song can now be heard on all digital platforms.

Music: Blessed
Lyrics: Vitor Lindegaard
Production: Beato and Nuno Rafael
Guitars and Voice: Beato
Voices: Mariana Camacho
Bass: Nuno Rafael
Drums: Jorge Costa Mistura
Mastering: João Bessa
Studio Technician: João Pedreira
Recorded at Valentim de Carvalho and Beato Studios

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