Beato debuts with “À Beira-Mar”, a concentrate with an eternal summer flavor and mojitos

The single “À Beira-Mar” is Beato’s first long-running theme, which will soon see the light of day, with Valentine de Carvalho stamp.

It was recorded in the studios of Paço de Arcos and Estúdios do Beato, with lyrics and music by Beato, co-produced with Nuno Rafael. It has the percussions of Jorge Costa, the voices of Mariana Camacho, trombone by Hugo Esteves and cavaquinho Cabo-Verdiano by Romeu Ornelas.

“À Beira-Mar” is like the renovation of Bruno Vasconcelos, Beato. A concentrate with flavor of eternal summer and mojitos, which was born out of season – in the middle of winter -, but which takes on this exercise of recovering the orange sunset and the feeling of floating in the sound of the sea. A record of good times, with the scent of nostalgia and love, recorded in slow motion.

Everything is colorful and sunny in the world conceived by Beato, Bruno Vasconcelos’ alter ego. This is how the Portuguese musician and composer marks another new stage in his artistic career – Beato -, a place where his most recent project is born; a place of various universes and influences that materialize in songs dotted with acoustic pop that transport us to a sound that is sometimes insular.

This place should not be understood only in a figurative sense. It’s real. It is made of walls, windows as a renewed perspective on the world. It is in Beato (the Lisbon neighborhood) that Beato (the musician) finds a city that is renewed and that is enlightened by the generation of artists, artisans and entrepreneurs who lay foundations here for the very auspicious future. The generation of Beato (the musician), who despite being in the eye of the storm, in the middle of an unprecedented historical moment, dares to dream about tomorrow. Beato’s music is all this: a kind of longing for the future, between nostalgia and optimism, with the security of those who know that better days will come and that they will enjoy them, like a beach day that only ends when the sun goes down put.

“À Beira-Mar” is also about the desire to embark on a simpler life, without the need for a life jacket; to leave behind the complex and real world – «I used to give everything to stay here by the sea», says Beato, but will he do it?

Beato thus opens space for a new starting point for Bruno Vasconcelos, who in 2013 was nominated for a Latin Grammy, in the category of Best Contemporary Pop Album, with his project Ultralight. He was also a founding member of Pinto Ferreira and has collaborated with musicians and bands such as Jorge Palma, GNR, Virgem Suta, Lúcia Moniz and Flak. He is a producer for Elvira, with whom he is working on preparing the debut album.

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