Beatriz Rosário with a date set for a concert at the Capitólio

The young artist Beatriz Rosário, 23 years old, performs at the Capitólio, on the 7th of April, in Lisbon. Tickets to attend the show by the promising artist are now available here and in the usual places.

Beatriz Rosário has a unique and powerful voice that demonstrates all her talent, her roots and her irreverence on stage, bringing with her iconic Fado themes as well as the songs from her latest EP “Rosário”, whose themes have already been released. have had a great acceptance by the music critics. The EP is scheduled for release in early March.

The artist presents a show where she travels through time, from the past to the present, mixing tradition with the modern, without ever losing sight of her soul. In the words of the songwriter, « It’s been an incredible journey this past year. It will be a great opportunity to get to know you all. The pandemic has been pushing these sensations away from us, but I’m looking forward to feeling them again.

Beatriz Rosário is considered one of the great promises of national music and promises a concert with lots of colour and energy. No one will be indifferent to her voice and show, in what will be a unique experience to experience all the singer’s talent.

Capitol – April 7 – 9:30 pm

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