Beatriz Rosário edits debut EP and reveals music video for the new single

After the success “Ficamos por Aqui”, Beatriz Rosário edits the debut EP “Rosário”, which is accompanied by a new single and music video. “O que é feito de ti”, authored by Ivo Lucas, was the theme chosen to accompany the edition of the “extended play” and is now available on YouTube. Now the five tracks of “Rosário” reach all streaming platforms.

Beatriz Rosário is today considered one of the most prominent artists of the new generation. Owner of a unique style and a powerful timbre, the artist will prove this with a concert to present the new record of originals, on April 7th, at Capitólio. The tickets are already available for sale.

«My search for new sounds, without fear or prejudice resulted in this EP, “Rosário.
As an artist I try to give people my own identity, between fado, pop, and urban music, this is where I feel good and that’s why this project of mine is so important in my life. That’s why this will be an inclusive EP, where I’m looking for a mix of musical genres very unique in Portugal. I want to include young people in this beautiful journey, where the “Rosary” is just the beginning.
On the EP we can hear 5 songs in which I sing the truth of my life. I just hope that whoever listens to it gets emotional as I do and that these songs become part of your day too.
I dedicate these songs to all those who pursue their dreams and who fight for their truth with complete freedom and without any fear. Music is also that.
– Beatriz Rosario

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