Beatriz Villar premieres her EP in Coimbra

Convento São Francisco, in Coimbra

On February 18, 2023, Beatriz Villar will present the EP Viragem for the first time, at Convento São Francisco, in Coimbra.

The young singer was invited to be part of the series “Santos de casa make miracles” (II), dedicated to artists and projects in the musical area from or with a strong connection to Coimbra. In it, she will convey her vision of Fado de Coimbra, where the role of women is no longer a mere listener.

Coimbra, the city that inspires her, is also a woman who breathes tradition and music. Those who pass through her, take her to life. Who doesn’t love her, doesn’t live. And in the quest to show this enchantment, Beatriz Villar embraced this idea with the youth, vision, sophistication, and courage necessary to carry out a project that aims to revolutionize the Fado that lives in Coimbra.

With Diogo Mendes, on Portuguese Guitar, João Ferreira on Viola, Daniel Chichorro on Bass, Ricardo Mingatos on Percussion, Maria Sá Silva on Harp and Vânia Couto, Rita Dias, Inês Martins, Mafalda Duarte, in Choir.

Who is Beatriz Villar?
Beatriz Villar is one of the most promising voices of the current generation of Portuguese singers and composers. She has followed an artistic path in Theater and Cinema, but it is in music that she finds her greatest form of expression. Her pure singing conquers the audience, enveloping them in her words and transporting them into her world.

Born in Loulé on October 2, 1997, the 25-year-old started acting at just 5 years old. She later discovers her passion for music and makes her first public debut at the age of 12.
In 2018 she becomes the lead singer of the group “Na Cor do Avesso”, which wins the “Edmundo de Bettencourt / Canção de Coimbra 2019” award with the first record work-Sublime o teu estar de ti.
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He studied at the Coimbra Conservatory and took several courses with various voice professionals. She is currently a voice teacher at the Fado School in Coimbra.

In 2022, she joined the Got Talent Portugal talent contest, elevating the music from the city she loves, Coimbra, to the semifinals of the program.

She released her first EP “Viragem“.

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