Bee Engineering doubles training capacity and prepares 40 new professionals

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This year Bee Engineering aims to train 40 new professionals for the Innovation and Technology market in association with Universities, Polytechnic Institutes and specialized training entities.

ETIC and Universidade Lusófona are the new partners of the 360 ​Talent Activation Program. In January, the first Bee Academy of the year begins with 7 participants, 5 under professional internships at the Employment and Vocational Training Institute (IEFP) and 2 under the Recodme requalification program. All training will be carried out in remote and digital format, following the experience of the 20 trained in 2020.

The goal for 2021 is to activate the talent of 20 future professionals in curricular and summer internships, 15 recent graduates in partnership with IEFP and at least 5 people from requalification programs such as Recodme.

The training courses are free, varying in duration from 3 to 9 months, include the activation of technical knowledge in the R&D department, by which they participate in the realization of projects in advanced technologies.

Throughout the training, Bee Together, the company’s People & Development department, accompanies the growth of the trainees, developing “soft skills”, motivation, career goals in order to prepare them in the best way for their professional life, if possible, in Bee Engineering.

Bee Engineering continues to reinforce its 360º talent training program, having already signed partnerships with 14 institutions, among which have new agreements with ETIC and Universidade Lusófona.
The company is investing in Diversity and Inclusion, implementing actions and promoting awareness of the topic. It is a signatory to the Portuguese Charter for Diversity and participated in the drafting of the “Guide for Inclusive Recruitment” of the Portuguese Association for Diversity and Inclusion (APPDI) launched in December.

José Leal e Silva, Bee Engineering Executive Director says “Companies in the technology sector have a responsibility to society to help complete the training of young people who finish their academic career and support their transition to companies, as professionals of excellence in our market. Portuguese IT professionals are recognized in Europe as competent, well trained, resilient and capable of solving various difficulties they face. It is our responsibility to ensure that young people trained in our country have the opportunity to continue to succeed in this challenging area, which is the area of ​​information technology.”

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