Bee Engineering helps companies with a Tech Guidance program

The company Bee Engineering is giving specialized support that will help companies to quickly adapt to remote work and digitalization of services, for free

Bee Engineering launched the Tech Guidance program, through which it will help national companies to face the serious conditioning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, for free.

Through the initiative, senior managers will advise organizations on the best way to create effective and non-entropic remote work systems, to digitize businesses and provide a better experience for their customers.

The initiative puts the seven-year-old knowledge of the brand specialized in Information and Communication Technology at the service of the Portuguese business sector.

With the Tech Guidance program, companies in need of support in this adaptation and change phase will have access to free consultancy that will indicate to them: use free audio/video communication tools; use cost-free solutions for rapid implementation of remote work; access documents and files remotely, among others.

Bee Engineering will assist with an hour of free consultancy, subject to extension depending on the identified needs, the interested companies can register HERE.

Diogo Mendonça, Operations Director at Bee Engineering, says: “We want to do our part for the Portuguese business fabric using our capabilities in an easy and simple way. We launched the Tech Guide program, especially for those at this stage (COVID-19) who require clarification on how to adapt to a remote reality”.

Diogo Mendonça
Bee Engineering

Bee Engineering is an Engineering and Technology consultant founded in 2010. It has a presence in Portugal, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and has more than 800 employees innovating projects with global reach.

In Lisbon, Porto and Amsterdam there is a team of 163 professionals working in Consulting, Research, and Development, Games and Training. In 2019, turnover was 6.2 million euros, a year-on-year growth of 24%.

Bee Engineering is one of the brands of the international group HIQ Consulting, which has more than 5500 employees in 11 European countries.

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