Bee Engineering provided probono technological support to IPSS in Abrantes to promote inclusion

CRIA – Abrantes Recovery and Integration Center – which focuses on education, training, integration and occupation of disabled people – received technological support probono through the Bee Social Opportunity, a program that provides 2000 hours of technological assistance to IPSS per year.

The objective of this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative – fully developed by Bee Engineering – is to put its experience in digitization at the service of society.

CRIA works with people with disabilities of different age groups – from children to the elderly. In addition to the educational area, they also have a residential home and a center for occupational activities. This intervention by Bee Engineering comes with the aim of helping in the social integration of this community.

For 300 hours, a multidisciplinary team from this Innovation and Technology company dedicated itself to accelerating the technological transformation of CRIA. The improvement of access management processes and logins of the organization’s digital platforms, making them more accessible and faster for users, were the objectives achieved, as explained by Rosalina Reis, from the Center’s Management.

“This program allowed us to fill a gap that we had long wanted to see resolved and that will promote the digital inclusion of our users. Technological innovation is a fundamental pillar these days and we saw in Bee Social Opportunity a great method to overcome some challenges”.

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