Bee Engineering recruits 100 employees in 2020 and expands 360º talent development program

Bee Engineering will recruit more than 100 employees in 2020 in order to respond to the high number of digital transformation challenges requested by national and international companies. The objective is to reinforce with at least 20 recent graduates in the first semester, which will be done by strengthening ties with higher education institutions. Specialized in consultancy projects, video game techniques, R&D and training, the 360º talent development and selection program conducted by Bee Together, its HR department, will contribute to the increase of staff.

Bee Together’s 360º program aims to select people for the innovation and technology sector based on their competence, regardless of their age, gender, country of origin or physical disabilities. In this way, actions are put into practice by Bee Engineering with: secondary or professional education students that include internships and support to PAPTICe (National PAP Competition); people seeking career re-qualification, through initiatives such as the Code Academy, Ironhack or Recodme; young people undergoing higher education with the Bee Ambassadors program, summer internships, college attendance with workshops and fairs; recent graduates with internal Academies and end of course internships; trainees from schools specialized in, for example, game development, such as Master.D; and through Tech Visa, a certification program for technological and innovative companies, which simplifies the arrival of highly qualified staff from third states to Portuguese companies.

In 2020, Bee Engineering’s 360º program will be reinforced with more presence in colleges with technological Workshops, more internal talent activation academies and with the introduction of the professional requalification initiative via Recodme, activated by HiQ Consulting. In parallel, the company is strengthening its ties with higher education institutions by taking Bee Tech, its technological forum, to its space. The first in a university context was held at the Higher Institute of Advanced Technologies (ISTEC) on January 23 in the presence of nearly a hundred people. Topics such as video game development, Unified Communications, Big Data, product development and emerging technologies were addressed.

According to José Leal e Silva, executive director of Bee Engineering “The qualification of skills in the area of ​​Information Technologies in the National market is only possible to achieve by combining several strategies that bring the company the capacity to reinforce its staff at different levels of seniority and technological scopes. This scope guarantees the necessary solidity for the creation of jobs and continuous training of our staff, continuing the excellent teaching that is done in Portuguese colleges. ”


Bee Engineering
Bee Engineering is an Engineering and Technology consultant founded in 2010. It has a presence in Portugal, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and has more than 600 employees innovating projects with global reach. In Lisbon, Porto and Amsterdam there is a team of 180 professionals working in Consulting, Research and Development, Games and Training. In 2018, turnover was 5 million euros, a year-on-year growth of 38%. Bee Engineering is one of the brands of the international group HIQ Consulting, which has more than 5000 employees in 10 European countries.
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